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Are you going through a difficult time in your life? Fret not, you are not alone. Some things are beyond our control, but with the right counselling you can overcome all your problems in your life starting with small steps.

Book your Consultation online with our Experts who will understand your problems and then guide you with proper solution to resolve the issues at hand.

Choose from the below sessions

Basic Consultation

₹499 ₹1100/ Kundli

Budget Friendly
  • Approx. 7-10 Minutes Call
  • Ask Only 1 Question
  • Remedies & Solution
  • Discuss in Detail
  • Ask more than 1 Question
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Detailed Consultation

₹900 ₹2100/ Kundli

  • Approx. 10-15 Minutes Call
  • Ask more than 1 Question
  • Remedies & Solution in Written
  • Discuss in Detail
  • Ask 3-5 Questions
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For more information, you can also call/whatsapp us on +91-9891014154 during office hours or email us at for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes all the consultations are valid for one-time only, incase you want to ask anything related to your first consultation then you can connect for the same without paying anything extra. But if it is for any other concern then you have to book the appointment again.
  • Once you book consultation for Kundli Matchmaking, then you can send us your partner's details via Email or Whatsapp or you can also write the details in the form itself.
  • No, the call won't get disconnected automatically after the mentioned minutes. A minute up or down might be possible during the call depending upon the query.